Apparently I need to clarify my constant references to "Triangle Body Mode," because apparently, my friends, followers, and fans aren't up on that classic David Rees comedic heater, "My New Filing Technique Is Unstoppable".

Bac in the early 2000's when I was working on the Cornrowz album (which has yet to ever see a real release, save for several major licensing placements over the years), I was introduced to the art of David Rees by the other group member, Old Man Malcolm (also of the pop/rap/rock outfit Citizen King). Peep this snippet:

Triangle Body Mode was a recurring theme in the hilarious book, representing the change of status assumed by the authoritative characters around the office just before they, as one character in the comic so colorfully put it, "got to firin' muthafuckas." The most hilarious part about it in the comic is that when one of the characters actually entered "Triangle Body Mode," he'd draw these little diagonal lines around them like this: //\\ Hahahahaha... Oh, that's rich!

My own interpretation of said action is basically just that... getting riled up and ready to fire on a muthafucca! Basically, I use the phrase when I'm talking about just straight going off. I actually have a song called "Triangle Body Mode", that as of right now remains unreleased; however, it may soon see the light of day. Either way, 'nuff love to David Rees for the inspiration!
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