An underground classic remastered, “Who’s Who?” is to be digitally re-released globally this week via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon MP3. After three worldwide runs on three labels, dig the cover art for the album’s fourth inception.

Originally released in 2001, "Who's Who?" features gritty delivery and poetic lyricism by Anacron, with guest appearances by Gallery affiliates Himself and Prosper Jones. Production is handled by some of hip hop's greatest indie beatmakers, including Eligh, Alo, Mr. Burns, and of course, Anacron. The album also provided the first glimpse of "A Prototype"; Anacron's instant cult classic for indie hip hop and skateboarding aficionados worldwide after it's feature in Activision's award-winning video game, "Tony Hawk's UnderGround".

Listen to the re-mastered version of the timeless single "A Prototype" below, and keep an eye to the 'net for the upcoming release!

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