FEATURING: Mr. Dope America & Z-Man of One Block Radius, Cazal Organism of The Zzyzzx, Summer Rona,
Tajai of Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics, ShortBus Bryce, Matt Gamin, King Fantastic
WITH: Jazzanova, DJ Quik, Malakai, Lenny Kravitz, Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith, Kokane, Iva Lamkum, TM Juke, Rollerskaters, Icebird

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Anacron's annual remix album series continues with "The Facelift 3", yet another impressive installation of reshaped sounds and ideas from the "Unfamous" one. Following what's become tradition, Anacron reworks a motley assortment of songs; bending and sometimes breaking the original structure of tunes with mild to extreme crafting and arrangement. Utilizing a wide array of near faultless skills, Anacron raps, sings, plays saxophone, keyboards, and drums, produces, and arranges all over this project. However, no matter how removed from the original, the end result seems to always be spectacular.

With a nicely rounded cast of guest appearances, Anacron continues to showcase the best of underground vets and unknown up-and-comers. Mr. Dope America and Z-Man of the Northern California based One Block Radius step in to assist on the bouncy, fun and futuristic "So West Coast"; a DJ Quik-produced tribute to all the hidden gems of West Coast life. Cazal Organism, son of rap legend Mellow Man Ace and one half of their father-son super duo, The Zzyzzx, steps in to boast his thorough musical upbringing on "Music History". Summer Rona, Hollywood-based vocalist and collaborator with Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons, and Quincy Jones among others, also steps in to add some warmth to Anacron's blazing original production for "Music History". Souls of Mischief member Tajai steps in momentarily to represent his crew with a strong cosign on "Catch A Rad One", Anacron's self-produced and re-worked cover of Del The Funkeehomosapien's classic, "Catch A Bad One." The Facelift becomes a family affair when Anacron's 15-year-old swagged-out nephew ShortBus Bryce jumps in to burn down Willow Smith's Nicki Minaj-assisted "Fireball". Lurk Music's resident unique MC Matt Gamin joins Anacron on the unapologetic "Turn Around", a TM Juke-produced remix of Sola Rosa's Iva Lamkum assisted single.

Unofficial appearances include major names in non-major music. Smooth settings by Jazzanova provide the perfect bed for Anacron's rapping, singing, and saxophone playing on the inspirational album (and year) opener, "2012 (Motivate)". Meanwhile, the frenetic pace of Malakai's "Shitkicker" becomes even more nerve-racking and jittery when Anacron dives in with a classic Los Angeles-originated "chopping" style of rap. Partnering a suave demeanor with sophisticated metaphorical reference, Anacron turns Lenny Kravitz's "Superlove" into a comic geek's dream, even inserting a shout to Boogiemonsters somewhere in there. Rehashing what Anacron refers to as "the second best rap song of 2010 (only following WC's 'Frontline')", Kokane's "Twilight Zone" gets a complete restructuring with all-new original beats and rhymes complimenting Mr. Kane's legendary flow, even earning an impromptu Twitter cosign from the legend himself. Andrew McKee's rumored-defunct Rollerskaters project received a Facelift blessing as well, in the form of Anacron's crooning, rapping, and knack for sharing dysfunctional love stories. Finally, the album wraps up with two hidden bonus tracks (available via album download only): An official remix of "D Boy Stance", the Anacron-featured track from King Fantastic's debut album; and Anacron's unofficially remixed "Charmed Life", the lead single from RJD2 & Aaron Livingston's Icebird project.

Whether you love or hate the original version of any song that Anacron chooses to receive a "face lift", his meticulous writing, composing, producing, and mixing process is sure to birth something that brings a positive response from any listener. With 12 tracks in total (2 hidden bonus tracks with download), Anacron's "The Facelift 3: Cosmetic Characteristics" is a better than great addition for the casual (to extreme) eclectic's every day playlist.

Album credits, lyrics, and liner notes available on Anacron's "The Facelift 3: Cosmetic Characteristics" Bandcamp page, as well as each track's individual pages.

Anacron's UNFAMOUS independent arts series continues to grow and receive recognition from those that matter the most; the lovers of everything artistic. Dedicated to providing a growth platform for strictly underground and lesser known artists, and rooted in the belief that self-promoted arts supported by a strong arts community is the best way to achieve success without compromising creativity, UNFAMOUS took off with a big bang late last year. With 5 successful UNFAMOUS events tallied since November 2011, Unfamous is rapidly growing into the premiere destination for the aficionado of edgy and diverse music, art, dance, DJ's, and food. Partnered with the charity Free Arts for Abused Children, Anacron's UNFAMOUS is on a steady rise towards the goal of promoting art without promoting hype. Curious? More information available at http://bit.ly/unfamousfest

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