If you've ever listened to any of my FACELIFT series installments, you know I love to re-work original lyrics into dramatically fresh and/or fun interpolations. Now's your chance to do the same with RAP LIBS©, a little something I came up with to kill time while you're probably supposed to be doing something productive.

Each RAP LIBS© will feature the lyrics to one of my songs as a phrasal template, within which you can add your own words to the provided blanks for fresh or funny results. If you've ever played the old school MAD LIBS, you already know what to do. Here's the hard part, though -- If the blank falls on a rhyming word, do your best to make your word rhyme!

Post your RAP LIBS© rewrite in the comments below, on my Google+ or Facebook pages, or send them to me HERE. I'll send you a free download of the song you re-worked to add to your iPod playlist, helping you kill even MORE time you're supposed to be doing something productive.

Get it? GOOD. Let's get it craccin'...


You got it from me, stop       verb      

These fools is funny style 
Dummies filed in flocks copy the _     classic rap song     _ 
I've done what I do since the dawn of _     noun     _
where a 
_     noun     _ was       verb       with brawn 
Never thought I'd spawn all these little      plural noun     
_     animal     _ never should've      adjective      the      pronoun      
Acting like _     noun     _, concerned with your clothes over skill
when that sick style
you're sporting was stole from _     person     _
Don't believe it? Check the 
_     plural noun     _
"Tight Jeans & Sneaks" was a 
_     adjective     _ release
I flossed 
fashion foreign to 'hoods to feel _     adjective     _
not to fuel your 
_     noun     _, you freakin' geeks 
_     noun     _ arm-length on the _     place     _ in a group
Models posing, 
_     social network     _ profile photo shoots
How embarrassing! Effin' nerds
_     animal     _ led to slaughter with the rest of the herd

You got it from 
_     person     _, stop foolin

Here he is, the mysterious,
curious enigma 
_     plural noun     _ need to take serious
Hear ye, hear ye, this is a myriad
_     plural noun     _ made to question exclamations of this _     verb     _
Clearly, it's an age where the 
_     plural noun     _ have found
that the 
_     noun     _ was hype, now the hype is _     noun     _
It's sad that the 
_     noun     _ we used to bend the rules
became an accessible trend in the end
Hipsters dressing like their 
_     plural noun     _ to pretend
they been down; they barely started 
_     verb     _ 
_     plural noun     _ meander in _     color     _-colored tees,
rocking shutter-blind shades on the street, 
_     Dave Chappelle quote     _
Get a grip! Learn about the culture
before you 
_     verb     _ in the scene and bring it death like _     person     _
Mad at the machine with 
_     plural noun     _ on your team
Your un-scene is 
_     adjective     _

We stay fresh like 
_     something that smells good     _
_     emotion     _ ya'll are polluting the _     noun     _
You all about the scene and being a part of the herd
You ought to be seen and not heard
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