I haven't done this in a while, but I'm really about to hook you up.

Listen to these tracks/albums, then follow the links and add some music to your collection that you should REALLY be aware of... Thank me later.

N8 The Gr8 + Maryann
Producer/CEO and his edgy R&B songstress of N-Crowd, an awesome collective of bay area artists.

Madeline Mondrala
My absolute favorite L.A.-raised singer-songwriter, this girl is a genius.

Antoine Edmonson
A devout Christian MC out of the midwest, driven by fresh beats and a not-in-your-face faith.

Lost Anyway
A female rock duo straight out of Los Angeles whose real names are MARY & JANE? Epique.

Long Beach raised Producer/MC, also reppin' my crew, PNTGLLRYNTWRK.... West Coast butter.

Players powered by Bandcamp, one of the most awesome ways ever invented to help you discover, listen to, and support talented independent musicians from across the globe. Get off the nuts of iTunes typical corporate machine, and get into it.

I just changed your life just now.
You're welcome.
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