Being that I'll be a featured guest speaker at the University of Texas Extension's Music Production class this evening, I thought that maybe I should be on smart-guy mode for today's blog sharing time. In the interest of saving ignorant ramblings for tomorrow, I've decided to share the trailer for an upcoming documentary, that is certain to be an intriguing and informative presentation of the effects of internal racism, as experienced within the Blac community.

Want to hear a swift and sad story? I recently had an absolutely AWESOME (sarcasm abounds) experience with this exact type of self-hatred and ignorance. While attending a mostly-White event at a mostly-White venue on the mostly-White Sunset strip, I was approached by a slim, halfway-drunk (ie. caution-free) blonde grrrl. She proceeded to explain to me that the dude she had been talking to (one of the only 4 other Blac men in the entire establishment) had just finished explaining to her that Blac guys "like me" (lighter-toned) were not as good as Blac guys "like him" (darker toned), and that there was a naturally competitive hatred and jealousy between us for this reason. She went on to say that she thought I was SO good-looking, and that she just wanted to come ask my opinion as to why this could be, because she found it to be so stupid.

I swiftly informed Blondie of several things:

1) I didn't hate the guy, because I didn't know him, and honestly had not even had any thoughts about him prior to her approach.
2) If this guy's best conversational piece was a topic that brought her attention to a guy that she found better looking, then he had to have the worst game ever in history.
3) I don't judge other Blacs based on the color of their skin, and any feelings I had about the dude would be based on the fact that he chose to discuss such a sensitively ignorant subject with the stereotypically "Whitest" White girl in the place.
4) That I couldn't express my opinion to her regarding his comments, not only because I was a little exasperated that she was dumb enough to try to include me in such an ignorant conversation, but also because she had the audacity (or stupidity) to even think it was OK to approach me about something so insipidly idiotic.

She said, "Well, I was just asking; you don't have to yell at me". I said, "It's loud in here -- if I wasn't yelling, I'd have to repeat myself. You and your friend have a good night."
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