My turntable-bound alter-ego, dj.AnaRoxSicc makes an appearance tonight at The Layover, one of my favorite spots in the bay area. I'll be getting down alongside my Gallery DeeJays Crew mate, DJ MTM, for the second time. We tore this same venue to the floor around this time last year. It's an amazing dance party with a super cool mixed crowd of hip dudes and beautiful NorCal women; and mTm and I will do the same as we did it last time, serving breaks, funk, disco, soul, and all that freshness to keep the dancefloor bangin.

I'll travel to Los Angeles again on Saturday, to do a mixed set of DJ'ing and MC'ing at the LA Support For Japan fundraiser in downtown LA. This event features a veritable who's who of LA's dance, dub, electro, hip hop, and house DJ underground, as well as performances and all other kinds of rowdiness in two rooms deep inside Little Tokyo. It's going to be a CRAZY night, but the awesome part is that it's charity for a good cause, so you wont have to feel guilty the next day about anything less-than-righteous you may have done ;-)

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