Anyone that has ever listened to any release of mine knows how much I love to make songs about breakdancing. Anyone that knows me personally knows I spend a considerable amount of time on wholesome beach activities like surfing, kayaking, and bird watching. It's only right that a song colorfully entitled "Breakdance Beach" would catch my eye...

While tend to write songs about breakdancing from a more serious, knowledgable, and experienced approach, I can't deny that this one is pretty fresh. While the cornball 80's feel beat and the punchline rap stylings are borderline bboy mockery, the video definitely had me on the floor. Any video with dudes doing mills in shallow surf, popping on a speedboat, and hitting airchairs on a surfboard is an automatic WIN in my book.

Dig me and a couple of the homies getting loose at the Make It Funky street fest in downtown LA:

Super shout out to the homies Kev B & Slug from RhymeSayers... Glad to see that you guys are still putting out interesting underground hip hop.
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