What rapper could play blues saxophone on a rock song? Watch me do it on the new CRIMEROCK album!

My AnaManiacs, fans, and friends are typically broad-minded enough to appreciate music styles beyond just hip hop; so I wanted to share some new music with you. Check out the new CRIMEROCK album -- it's all the way bangin'! That's me playing saxophone on trac 6, so get your juke-joint shoes on for that bluesy-rock hybrid.

One of my favorite L.A.-based UNFAMOUS bands just released their flagship album, CRIMEROCK: Episode One. My good buddy Brandon Jordan (who you may remember as the front man of Columbia Records post-punk band KillRadio) helms the journey into a grungy, bluesy, gritty Los Angeles themed project. Soon after Brandon appeared on a side project I coordinated; he hit me up hella randomly like, "hey -- I want you to play some sax on this trac my new band is doing." I busted out the horn, threw a few takes down, and everything came together lovely-like as a fresh new interpretation of  Willie Dixon & Howlin' Wolf's well-known blues standard, "Spoonful". I loved roccin' the sax on that trac, and I'm glad that I made it onto the album. Give it a listen, follow the links to take it with you, and broaden your musical horizons a bit... I'm already knowing that CRIMEROCK's first offering is the start of an awesome legacy in West Coast blues-rock.
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