What it is, yawl.

I want you to meet my buddy Tiffology (I call her Tiffy B.) from CrayonBeats.com. She's an awesome girl with a great sense of humor and a super fresh website that will introduce you to all types of fresh music that you never knew existed. Because of her stellar taste in music, she'll be one of 5 cool folks that are judging the "Rich Girls" remix contest. Check her out...

1. Who the hell are you? I'm Tiffany. I'm 26. I'm from Arizona.

ANACRON SAYS: For those of you that don't know, Arizona is one of the largest manufacturers of natural bigots, racists, and radical conservatives. There's actually some cool people there too, though.

2. What the hell do you do in the music world? While I don't make music, I am huge a fan of it. I'm co-owner of the music and art based website CrayonBeats, where I write under the name Tiffology. I'm a music enthusiast that likes to share what I personally enjoy and support with any and everyone.

3. What the hell do you do outside of the music world? Make art, enjoy life, love, watch movies, read, learn, laugh a lot, spread positivity, seek inspiration, help others in need (healthcare field), and other awesome things.

4. Who are your top 3 favorite music producers/writers/composers? Why are you doing this to me? Choosing favorites is a difficult task, especially limiting me to three. I think my best way to approach this is to go with who I'm feeling at this very moment... and pretending like you asked for my Top 5. Hah! They are: Suff Daddy, Nima Fadavi, Awkward, Alchemist, and Harry Fraud. There are so many more, though!

ANACRON SAYS: Wait a minute. I'm not on that top five? You can forget about judging ANYTHING, because you're officially dead to me.

5. How would you beat a wolverine, a chimpanzee, and a shark in a fight? First, I'd strike fear into Wolverine by using my butterfly knife ninja skills. With his healing powers in mind, I'd then use my best friend's cat, Adamantium, to hit his soft spot for kitties. Boom, Wolverine is on my team. Together we'd defeat the chimp and shark. Wolverine would grab the shark by his fin and super swing it into the chimp, like a baseball bat to a ball. The unconcious chimp would then be tossed into a red barrel of monkies. The now confused shark would soon be sliced into sushi. We'd celebrate our victory with food and Ocean Water drinks from Sonic. I don't like sushi, so I'm eating pizza. The end.

ANACRON SAYS: Damn girl, I said A wolverine... as in the animal, not the fictional character. Why do comic book geeks gotta make everything about X-Men? Sheesh!
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