What it is, yawl.

I want you to meet da gawd Moon Satellite of Culture King. He's a big guy with a getle soul and a backpack full of #Lazers. Because of his constant search for ground-breaking musical creations and his experience as a producer/beat-maker extraordinaire, he'll be one of 5 cool folks judging the "Rich Girls" remix contest. Get to know him...

1. Who the hell are you?
My name is Moonsatellite.

2. What the hell do you do in the music world? I run http://CultureKingMedia.com, the best hip-hop blog on the internet, pursue sonic excellence as an experience and degreed sound engineer, provide marketing expertise to the brightest talents of the past, present and future & sell the most engaging beats you'll hear this year.

ANACRON SAYS: You see that? The BEST hip hop blog on the internet... The sloths and gorillas logging on to Worldstar Hip Hop every day might beg to differ with you on that one, buddy-boy.

3. What the hell do you do outside of the music world? I enjoy life with as many good people, meals and experiences as possible. Once I'm done with my day, I queue up "Judge Mathis" and laugh as I wind down. Aside from music, I strive to immerse myself in gratitude.

ANACRON SAYS: This is the kind of answer that could make the average Joe feel really badly about his own life... That is, until he mentions daytime court TV; proving that we're really just all Poor White Trash on the inside.

4. Who are you top 3 favorite music producers/writers/composers? James "J Dilla" Yancey, George Clinton and Prince Rogers Nelson.

5. How would you beat a wolverine, a chimpanzee, and a shark in a fight? I'd convince Wolverine to wear his Yellow and Black costume from the 70's & 80's, so that he resembles a banana. The chimpanzee would go into pleasure overload thinking that he found a man-sized banana and beat Wolverine senseless. While Wolverine's arms are flailing around, his claws would cut and open the shark's tank, thus draining it. I wouldn't lift a finger. The end.

ANACRON SAYS: Yet another comic geek, confusing "A wolverine" with "THE Wolverine"... I wonder if this one is also unaware of the fact that the comic book character Wolverine derived his namesake from an actual real-life animal as well? Hmmmmm...
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