What it is, yawl.

I want you to meet the hard-working RM of Bandsoup. He's a driven young guy on a mission to promote great music with the purest intentions in mind. As a result of his past, present, and future obsession with sharing amazing audio despite the trend or hype that may or may not surround it, he'll be one of 5 cool folks judging the "Rich Girls" remix contest. Get to know him...

1. Who the hell are you? Emilio Estevez's biggest fan.

ANACRON SAYS: Yes, yes; stellar actor and personality... It's a sad shame that he died of a career attack in the early 90's.

2. What the hell do you do in the music world? I ran a few hip hop websites/blogs in the past. Now I work for BandSoup. I also lend open ears and an open mind. Occasionally I write rhymes and record with the MC from Teen Witch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEa1BYBgeQI&noredirect=1). Top that.

ANACRON SAYS: WOW. Did he really just pull out the "Teen Witch" rap? A long lost best friend of mine and I used to quote that craziness word-for-word while we walked to school in Junior High; along with Vanilla Ice's rap from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

3. What the hell do you do outside of the music world? Eat cheeseburgers; buy cassette tapes at thrift stores that smell of piss and back knee sweat; watch Teen Wolf (movie, not show); try to convince people my age that Revenge of the Nerds is a top 5 80s movie; laugh at people my age that get their politics from internet memes; high five people wearing camo at Walmart; Read Iceberg Slim books and pump air castles into bitches skulls; Paint pictures of Bob Ross naked and screaming profanities in DMVs around the US; Help Dennis Haskins' with his taxes; Dance like Pigpen at weddings I wasn't invited to; and help Amish kids find meth during their Rumspringa.

4. Who are you top 3 favorite music producers/writers/composers? Rick Rubin, Beck, Madlib

ANACRON SAYS: These judges seem to have forgotten who invited them to judge this goddamned competition! Yo, what the hell, bro?! Hahahahaha

5. How would you beat a wolverine, a chimpanzee, and a shark in a fight? Shark: I would sing the shark a few Drake songs. The sugary, homo-erotic sweetness of Drake's harmonies and words would rot the shark's teeth to dust, making it a glorified dolphin. We would then perform tricks for the public.
Wolverine: Throw him a mic and tell him he's hosting the Oscars again. He would then break into a Broadway song and dance and eventually pirouette into me, which I would flip into a Stone Cold Stunner.
Chimp: I would not fight Ron Perlman.
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