Oh, yawl ain't know? The Mayans were ACTUALLY anticipating the release of THIS.

12:12, Riddlore, Orko, Pugs Atomz, Revels, and ME on a Scife1 track? Come on now, that's just crazy-talk.

For those that listen too slow, my verse goes:

Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?
All signs point to the time for repenting
The heavens open up and engage ten plagues because the underground religion's been sinning
First, it was a plague of Blood
Lil' Wayne and them got fame and then became a Blood
Which seems a little strange because the 'hood knows he's not, but he got a gang of fans claimin' Bloods
Keeping it fake is the new keeping it real
Changing yawl, more hip than hop, plague of frogs
And they forgot about the DJ, they deserve a lashing
A little vague advice and plague of lice will get them scratching
Catch them with the herd, it's a plague of wild animals
biting off the next man, self-consumed cannibals
I'm betting this plague of pestilence is 'finna deaden kids like a record label's annual
recoupment report! The soup's 'finna start to boil like the next plague,
best protect your fresh fade
Out to be keeping their mouths closed
thinking about when the clouds go open with the seventh plague
Hail from above - and now the platinum elite begin to notice and started to lose focus
Even some of the wannabe-underground locals
All they wanted was "buzz" so they got a plague of locusts
Then the darkness comes
when the little guy blocks the bigger guy like an eclipse of the sun
Busters rip and they run
Never once assuming they could have avoided this when it begun
But it's too late to take it back now, the wack now
suffer for words formed in every verse scorned
They say your lyrics are your brainchild;
so the tenth plague's been made to kill your first born
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