I always try to drop something epic on my birthday for the True-Blue AnaManiacs. This year was no different, as I opted to spend my birthday weekend locked in the house, working on something to completely blow your mind.

I was first introduced to this classic Hip-Hop trac in the early 90's, during one of my regular sessions of ditching school to record rap videos off BET Rap City. As an avid saxophonist and well-trained jazz musician, I remember falling in love with the track as soon as that Tom Scott riff came blaring out of the TV, and I instantly unpaused the record button on the VCR.

I decided this year, soon after the passing of my homie and LA Breakers crew member Andrew Scala aka Bboy Drew LAB, that it was time to finally implement the recreation of this monumental anthem. The home recording session began late Friday night, and concluded Sunday evening, just before the song went live to the internet. I worked extremely hard on this one, bringing all the live, programmed, and emotional elements together to make this thing real.

Stream+Download on Bandcamp at http://pntg.net/reminiscebc
Stream on Soundcloud at http://pntg.net/reminiscesc
If you dig it, please share it with friends.

Respects to Pete Rock and CL Smooth, thank you for "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)"
Rest in peace to Drew LAB, you are missed by those that loved you.

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