I'm disgusted. Not only with this character, but more so with what #HipHop / #Rap music and culture has become, and how it continues to perpetuate the cycle of this kind of behavior.

While it's not plausible to blame someone's actions solely on popular music, culture, or marketing; I definitely believe & support the idea that what's portrayed as important and acceptable allows people to justify ill-made & despicable actions like this. So many of us will hear about this, and look at this young rapper with distaste -- but how many of us will actually decide to no longer continue to support, fund, and sustain the same patterns of ignorance and buffoonery that both directly and indirectly encourage and validate this kind of behavior?

Consider the music that you listen to, enjoy, and purchase. What is it really saying to you and the people around you? Are the ideas and images you're receiving something that will in any way adding to the empowerment, advancement, or evolution of your art, culture, race, or people as a whole? There's no guarantee that ending the glorification & promotion of money and violence will make a difference, but when there's an apparent connection between both and hip hop in a situation like this... I think it's worth a try.

I know some will laugh this off and call me a "hater" or whatever. That's cool with me - I'll be a hater. Those that understand and agree, however; please re-post, re-share, and reinforce this.

My ideas, my beliefs, and my values make me proudly #UNFAMOUS.
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