The sad thing about the internet giving us access to all the freshness that the entire WORLD has to offer, is that it also seems to somehow prevent us from noticing the gems that are right under our noses. UNFAMOUS is all about not letting that happen. That being said, I regret to inform you that you are SLEEPING on some of the freshest, most innovative, ground-breaking hip hop(?) music that the West Coast has to offer, and this is your wake-up call!

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Well-known blogmaster and lesser-recognized beat-maker Moon Satellite has officially released an instrumental EP that is a certified mind-blower for anyone that is able to comprehend and appreciate that which spans beyond the typical 4/4 time signature hip hop standard. If this era in music were parallel to the evolution of jazz, this record would represent the inception of the free-jazz movement. Just like Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman, and John Coltrane; Moon Satellite reaches and eclipses horizons not yet explored in electronic music production, hopefully creating a sound that will inspire the creative growth of the chosen few that will truly embrace and appreciate this offering.

I would hope that you've been downloading the EP while reading my brief review; however, if you're still not convinced, chec out the visual sampler below if you need an extra push to wrap your mind around something truly legendary...

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