Why don't you own this record yet?
Why don't you even know that it exists?
Here's a sampler that I created to convince you that you should:

In my mind, there's no reason that every lover of hip hop music shouldn't be going bananas over my potna 2B's record. Really. The album dropped hella long ago on Cold Medina Recordings, and for some reason, it never made a splash, even on the underground level. People need to WAKE UP!!! Look for music, and you will find it... and if you aren't looking, AND you're ignoring calls to action to appreciate and support heat just like this blog is doing right now, IT'S ON YOU that the wacc sh!t continues to prosper!!!

As I leave you with another gem from the brotha Two B aka Blacarach aka Mhetamorphosis of the Peanut Gallery, I say these words: You can't complain about the wac sh!t if you're not supporting the fresh sh!t, so SHUT UP.

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