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Album Title: Atypicalcd
Artist: Anacron
Album Production: Anacron, Old Man Malcolm, Earmint, Subterrain Area
Featured Artists: Irie, PervOne, Astrobwoy, Christian Riley
Length: 14 Tracks / Approximately 55 Minutes
Label: PntGllryNtwrk
Release: Street Winter 2007 / Distribution Spring 2008
Finally, the most-known-unknown renaissance artist in hip hop returns with his first solo release in over 5 years. Atypicalcd is a full-length album that serves as an official re-introduction to second-generation Los Angeles underground veteran Anacron, who re-located to and assisted in cultivating Chicago’s budding hip hop scene at the dawn of the new millennium. Anacron shines brightly on this album, boasting his easily relatable, catchy, and conversational songwriting, rapping, and singing skills throughout the listen. In addition to his own traditionally inventive beat production style, the sonically crisp LP also features production by Chicago’s underground mainstay Earmint, and SubterrainArea from southern France. Old Man Malcolm, the DJ/producer of Citizen King, Garbage, Codebreaker, Newsense, Minus After, and several other noteworthy groups, also makes an appearance in preparation for Cornrowz, a forthcoming collaborative major release with Anacron. Vocal guests include Pairograffs comrade Irie, Peanut Gallery Network member and Seattle transplant PervOne, Newsense bassist and vocalist Christian Riley, and long-time Los Angeles collaborator Astrobwoy.
Anacron has released over 15 solo and group projects since 1994, but is most recognized for his efforts as project coordinator, producer, and lyricist on the heralded classic underground album Pals (Galapagos 4 / Basement Records) by Netherworlds (Murs, Himself, and Anacron). Already privy to a dedicated following and steadily growing fan-base, Anacron is a well-known figure in other sects of the hip hop and entertainment world, and has remained an active yet low-key element in the global hip hop scene throughout the past decade. Atypicalcd serves as the gateway to a string of upcoming releases that will re-introduce the various talents of, and make the world fall in love with the UNFAMOUS super-star quality of Anacron.

1. War (Acapella) // 1:21 / Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
2. Pneumonia // 2:11 / Produced by Earmint for Lab-O-ratory Productions
3. Club Etiquette (Hoodmix) // 4:55 / Produced Anacron for Manoemusicc
4. Carry Me featuring Irie // 4:13 / Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
5. Mainstream // 4:04 / Produced by Old Man Malcolm for T. Malcolm Michiles Music
6. The Ooowee Song // 4:45 / Produced by Old Man Malcolm for T. Malcolm Michiles Music
7. Proteins featuring Perv One and Astrobwoy // 4:47 / Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
8. The Gunslinger // 2:25 / Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
9. Riflez and Gunzzz // 4:18 / Produced by Old Man Malcolm for T. Malcolm Michiles Music
10. Grown Folks // 4:33 / Produced by SubterrainArea for Subterranean Productions
11. Stop Rapping! // 4:25 / Produced by Old Man Malcolm for T. Malcolm Michiles Music
12. When the Music Stops featuring Christian Riley // 3:57 / Produced by Old Man Malcolm for T. Malcolm Michiles Music
13. Club Etiquette (Clubmix) – Bonus Track // 4:09 / Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
14. GodsGirlsDotCom (Internet Exclusive) - Bonus Track // 3:54 / Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
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