Holas, Bro-las!

If any of you awesome AnaManiacs were paying attention to my twitter/facebook feeds last night, then you already know that today marks the launch date for my first open-invite REMIX COMPETITION. If you make beats, play in a band, or compose/record any type of music whatsoever, this is your chance to get fresh prizes just by re-working my latest single, "Rich Girls".

My official cover of The Virgins "Rich Girls", which touched down just over a week ago, has been generating some serious noise with the upper echelon of underground music -- it's only a short matter of time before the indie "mainstream" grabs ahold of the bandwagon reins. Before that happens, I'm giving the music makers of the world a chance to put their own spin on it, and possibly win some awesomely UNFAMOUS prizes!

If this sounds like something you "might could" manage... Click the image and check out the contest details on my website. GOOD LUCK, competitors - come with your best!
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