Anacron's "Rich Girls" UNFAMOUS Remix Contest closes with a bang, and after tumultuous bumps, the winners have been chosen! After several days of deliberation, the contest judges (Tiffology, DJ Audio 1, Ryan Monk, Moonsatellite, and the PNTGLLRYNTWRK's own JusChris) have selected the following pieces as the outstanding best of just under 20 entries.

Anacron - Rich Girls (MAW Remix) by MAW. 18-year old Australian DJ/producer Matt Watkins can be found doing his thing on the decks at various clubs around Melbourne, when he's not making smooth, futuristic tracks like this. Follow and hear many more of his tunes HERE.

Anacron - Rich Girls (n8 the gr8-remix) by n8thegr8cuf. West coast underground veteran producer and lyricist N8 The Gr8 has been rocking for years as a member of the legendary bay-area outfit The CUF, and has recently moved into producing and releasing artists from his stable, N-Crowd. Check out more of his latest masterpieces HERE

Anacron-Rich Girls (Siggatunez RMX) by siggatunez|siggi tunezia. German producer Siggi Tunezia has released numerous house tracks via European label Houseworx, despite a deep history rooted in hip hop. Many of his heavily infectious beats can be heard HERE.

Be sure to check out the contest collaborators in the coming days for more favorites that didn't make the final cut, and upcoming interviews/content from contest winners: 

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